Photon Fun – Experimenting with light, the fastest thing in the universe – Saturday 10 March

Photon Fun British Science Week


Kicking off British Science Week – Photon Fun! (Sponsored by the British Science Association)
with 4 free workshops – 10-30, 11-30 am 14-00 and 15-00pm and a lunchtime talk.
Spend an hour: exploring camera obscuras, take a pinhole camera selfie, watch your negative appearing in a darkroom then finally construct a 3 month exposure pinhole camera to take home,,,,,All in 1 hour!, the time it takes to travel 67000 miles around the Sun!
Please try to arrive at the times specified although the workshops will stop between 1-00 and 2-00 during the talk (below).

Aristotle’s Hole. From Mo-tse to the Selfie stick – Pinhole photography and camera obscuras.
1-00 – 2-00pm
A lunchtime talk by pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell on the history, science and contemporary approaches to light experimentation, camera obscuras and pinhole photography.

For more information and to book tickets for this free event visit eventbriteĀ


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